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October 21, 2008 / ji11

Novice Claymation @ Zeum

My 8yo and I visited Zeum recently. and came home with this 20 second video. I created the dog and operated the camera. My 8yo did the rest. Fun times, fun place. Art and Technology, what isn’t to like?

There is a lot to do there, and this is set up as the last thing to visit. Last time we went we ran out of time and energy to make a video, though we did come home with our clay characters. This time, we hit the claymation studio first and spent the lions share of time there.

Zeum isn’t that large in size, but there is plenty to keep you busy. I think older kids will get more out of the experience, though I did see some smaller kids running around.

I like going with a ratio of 1:1 child to adult since it is pretty attention intensive, and you are more able to give the child and the project your full attention.

Fun stuff. She already wants plan a return trip


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